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Workplace Violence Policy/Anti-Harassment Policy


It is the policy of Kelly Services, Inc. and its subsidiaries (“Kelly” or “Company”) to promote a safe work environment. This policy addresses workplace violence and is intended to reduce the risk of violence and minimize the impact of a workplace violence incident.

Persons Affected

All employees of Kelly and those conducting business with Kelly.


Kelly is committed to providing a safe and secure work environment, free of violence, threats, intimidation, and harassment. Threats, threatening behavior, or acts of violence directed toward Kelly employees, customers, or visitors while on Kelly’s or its customers’ premises are not tolerated.

Any person who engages in such behavior on Kelly’s premises—or, any Kelly employee who engages in such behavior on Kelly’s customers’ premises—will be subject to appropriate measures for the security of everyone involved, such as removal from the site and/or investigation. If the investigation substantiates that this policy has been violated, Kelly will respond appropriately.

• If the aggressor is a Kelly employee, this response will include actions up to and including termination of employment, based on non-compliance with Company policy.
• If the aggressor is a Kelly customer or customer employee, the response may include, but is not limited to, the suspension or termination of the business relationship.

Note: In both cases, the response may include engagement of law enforcement and the prosecution of the aggressor(s).

All Kelly employees who have been involved in, witnessed, or learned of any inappropriate, alarming, threatening, or violent behavior occurring on Kelly’s or its customers’ premises, in connection with one’s employment with Kelly, it is recommended that a report be made immediately of such behavior to their manager, Human Resources, or Global Security and Investigations.

Workplace violence may be described as any behavior that exhibits or is reasonably perceived as abusive, confrontational, harassing, intimidating, threatening, or physically violent that occurs on Kelly’s or its customers’ premises, in connection with one’s employment with Kelly.

Kelly employees should report any individual who:

• Uses threats, intimidation, or manipulation toward management or coworkers
• Displays paranoid behavior, feelings of being victimized, or believes that others are conspiring against them
• Displays unwarranted anger toward those who offer constructive criticism, or incites fear amongst coworkers
• Has been terminated or released from an assignment with Kelly, and appears to be focused more on the position they previously held (e.g., harasses or gives inappropriate/undue attention to any employees)
• Has been recently charged or convicted of a violent crime and is employed by Kelly
• Has intentionally, knowingly, or unknowingly carried a weapon on Kelly’s or its customers’ premises

In situations where an employee has obtained or applied for a protective or personal restraining order (i.e., A legal court order requiring an individual to refrain from doing a specified act) that lists Kelly’s or its customers’ premises as protected areas—or is a victim of domestic violence, sexual aggression, or stalking—the employee must report such information to their immediate supervisor, Human Resources, and Global Security and Investigations.

Receipt of such information will be held in confidence, and only used to properly assess the workplace risk and determine if reasonable accommodations are required. Kelly does not discriminate against victims of domestic/family violence, sexual assault, stalking and the like and is committed to providing reasonable security accommodations and leave for such individuals. For employees in certain municipalities, paid sick and safe time may be applicable in such situations.

Note: Effective management of employee relations issues requires confidentiality. All Kelly employees must restrict the sharing of details to a need-to-know basis.


Any questions about this policy should be directed to the following mailbox:

Rua Joshua Benoliel 6, Edif. Alto das Amoreiras 9º e 10º B, 1250-133 Lisboa