inclusion of people with disabilities

Law No. 4/2019 - Inclusion

Employment quota system for people with disabilities

Law No. 4/2019

Law No. 4/2019 establishes a mandatory quota regime for hiring disabled people. This regime has an impact on the workforce of 2% for large companies and 1% for medium-sized.

Legal Framework

​Law No. 4/2019 established the system of employement quotas for people with disabilities (those who are in any of the circumstances and situations provided for in article 2 of Law No. 38/2004, 18th of August) with a degree of disability equal to or greater than 60%.

Law No. 4/2019 is applicable:

  • To companies and other private sector employers;

  • To public sector organizations.

In the private sector, the regime provided for in this Law is applicable:

1. To all employment contracts regulated by the Labor Code, approved in annex to Law No. 7/2019, 12th February, in its current wording.

2. Exclusively to the following companies:

a. Medium-sized Enterprises, with a number equal to or greater than 75 workers, who must admit disabled workers, with a number of not less than 1% of the staff at their service, corresponding to the average of the previous year;

b. Large companies, with 250 or more workers, who must admit workers with disabilities, in a number of not less than 2% of the employees at their service, corresponding to the average of the previous year.

It is critical to assume this social responsibility and contribute to a fully inclusive society. Companies will have the respective benefit for the work that is provided by people with disabilities as well as as a positive cultural impact in favor of engagement, branding and satisfaction of their employees. All of these factors have a direct and positive impact on the quality of services and products and, consequently, on the business profit.

Kelly Services is already an active part in this process and contributes to the quality of its services and great experience as an employer for the implementatioon of an efficient and inclusive recruitment process. This ensures the necessary adaptation of the jobs as well as the essential training for good performance and responsibility.

We want to help you design your Diversity, Inclusion and Equity strategy.

A diverse and inclusive team is a sign of a rebust and sustainable organization. At Kelly, we work with clients to achieve this critical goal at all levels - be it a new program that needs to be established or an ongoing process that needs adjustments. We design recruitment, training and integration processes to create a relevant and valuable program that becomes a strategic asset for your organization.

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