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Advance your career: Effective strategies to stay motivated

Do you feel you have everything to grow professionally? Want to plan each step in detail? Even wh...

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From filling seats to forging strategy

​Talent acquisition teams face an urgent and unprecedented challenge: the world is hurtling towar...

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​How to Tell If a Company Values Diversity and Inclusion

Companies value diversity and inclusion because it's important to their potential employees. A su...

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​Kelly distinguished for the 7th consecutive year with the award for Best HR Supplier

Kelly was distinguished, on Tuesday the 16th, with the award for Best Human Resources Supplier, i...

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How to prepare for a video call interview?

​There are currently many companies conducting video call interviews due to the pandemic. ​So, if...

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“Como Encontrar O Equilíbrio E Desconetar”

How to find balance and disconnect from work

​Due to the current contingency that we are going through, most companies have been working on a ...

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