inclusion, diversity and equity

Inclusion, diversity and equity

Our approach is authentic based on our noble purpose of enriching lives through the connection between talents and job opportunities. Our goal is to provide a thriving workplace where workers in all functions and regions of the world are welcome, respected, valued and included - where their voice and presence are important.

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Inclusive Employer Entity Brand

In 2021, the Portuguese State distinguished Kelly with the Inclusive Employer Entity Brand seal, joining a very restricted group of employers with this status in Portugal. ​By certifying Kelly Services as an inclusive organization, the Employment and Professional Training Institute (IEFP) publicly recognizes we held “inclusive management practices developed by employers in relation to people with disabilities”.

Our commitment to inclusion

Allows us to build a culture in which everyone feels welcome, respected and valued. We strive to provide a workplace where all workers are encouraged to share and learn from different perspectives and unique experiences to promote innovation and better results.


Inclusion, Diversity and Equity are strategic values ​​that

• Promote the sharing of ideas and contributions from different groups of people whose points of view lead to greater innovation and creativity and reduce turnover.

• Create a culture where people can be themselves. Not everyone fits in the same mold and individuality represents a force that contributes to a richer collaborative work.​

• Acquire a social value by supporting the training and inclusion of people in social vulnerability.

As Kelly continues to grow, we have a responsibility to promote inclusion and diversity initiatives to ensure equitable and enriching work in all the communities we impact.


How can Kelly help your company?

1. Design of Diversity and Inclusion policies and strategic plans.
2. Support in defining the correct framework for people with disabilities in companies to ensure a direct relationship between the needs of the company and the skills of candidates with disabilities.
3. Professional and efficient recruitment, with a privileged use of the right tools and entities.
4. Definition of all incentives applicable to each recruitment and adaptation of the job, ensuring all processes and formalities.
5. Promotion and promotion of internal communication and awareness-raising actions.
6. Ensuring training and integration in the workplace.


If you want Kelly's advice on developing your Diversity and Inclusion strategy in your company, contact us.